Be clever while purchasing a diamond.

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The lovers of jewelry are getting fond every day. This is the reason there’s a boom in the jewelry market these days. There has been a considerable price rise in diamond and this has inflamed the cunning minds of the businessmen. Due to the customers being unaware they sell less carets of diamond in more rupees or a sell a duplicate piece. So here are a few basic tips to keep in mind while purchasing a diamond:

Shape- Big diamond stores have total 14 shapes of diamonds whose demand varies as some are easily usable in jewelry. The most sold diamonds are round, oval and heart. But duplicates are also sold here so don’t just focus on the shape of the diamonds; focus on other factors as well.

Clarity- Diamonds are bifurcated on the basis of their cut and clarity like IF (Internally Flawless), VS (Very Slightly) or VVS (Very Very Slightly Included). They’re also subdivided according to qualities.

Caret- The shinier the diamond the costlier it is. The color of a diamond is divided from A to Z. After testing it on this basis it is further divided into carets. 1 caret of diamond weighs 0.2 gram and 5 caret weighs 1 gram. Jewelry bought for daily use or religious purposes usually weigh 1 caret.

Purchase only an IGI Certified – The proper testing of a diamond is done only by International Gemological Institute. So whenever you think of buying a diamond always buy an IGI certified diamond. All the famous and known diamond sellers get their diamonds certified from here only so that there are no hitches in their sale. IGI tests each diamond into 14 categories and then only certifies it as a proper diamond. To clarify a diamond’s authenticity if you cannot visit the IGI then you can see the certificate, but it might be fake. In this case, purchase your diamond from a branded shop and get it tested through It is the first consumer website that enlightens its customers with the correct way to purchase a diamond and also lists the registered diamonds.

Buy Back Policy- A diamond is forever. This is the truth as a diamond never changes shape until and unless it is tethered with. So when you buy a diamond, gain complete information on the shops’ buy back policy which means whether or not the diamond will be returned at the current price. Pay attention on these small things then only you’ll be a good negotiator.