Best Food for Proper Digestion

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digestion food

Sometimes we have problems regarding digestion in our belly and this indicates that our food is not digested properly. Ingestion indicates your bad eating habits and this may also lead to viral infection. Although it is not an issue to be much worried about, but you should be aware of proper eating habits. Here are some food items for improving digestion:

  • Ginger: It is considered the best in solving stomach related problems. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities which prevent nausea, indigestion etc. Drinking one cup ginger tea in the morning strengthens your digestive system. To see quick results boil ginger in water and drink it. You can also make ginger-honey paste to help digestion.
  • Porridge: These days porridge is portrayed as a good food which helps in weight loss, but in reality it has many benefits for the stomach. It has plenty of fiber which helps in digestion and it also gives strength to our body. It has many minerals like-Zinc, Copper, Phosphorous etc. It can be prepared in many forms like milk, vegetables etc. It strengthens our digestion process.
  • Pepper Mint: Mint gives you a cooling effect and chewing it gives you freshness. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that build the digestion system. You can consume it as a salad or juice or chutney with green mango. It acts as a cleanser and a purifier.
  • Beetroot: We are aware that consuming beetroot increases our blood level but do you also know that it improves our digestion? Its consumption cures stomach ache and gas problems as well. It balances the acid in our stomach. You can eat it in the form of a salad and/or add salt and lemon for taste. It contains magnesium, potassium and fiber which avert acidity.
  • Apple: Brimming with calcium and various beneficial minerals apple is a very good remedy for indigestion. It contains cellulose that improves digestion and removes problems like gas etc. It contains Vitamin A and C. Eating it in the morning is the most beneficial and it also prevents dehydration.