How to get rid of dark underarms ?

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In this scorching summer everyone desires to go sleeveless but due to unclean underarms this becomes difficult. You are not alone in this trouble, there are thousands of girls like you who’re facing the same problem.

Because getting your armpits waxed and enduring the pain is not every woman’s cup of tea and shaving doesn’t do a very good job at cleaning either. And taking out exclusive time to get your underarms treated is not possible for everyone in this busy schedule. That is why today we’ll tell you some easy methods as to how to get rid of dark underarms:

Some Easy steps to keep your underarm clean:

  1. Hair Removal: Due to hair in the underarm the skin starts to look black, after shaving the area gently apply hair removing cream so that it gets completely clean. And also apply bleach to your underarms for making them white and clean.

  2. Use mild Soap: Strong soaps are not healthy for the skin. They are very harsh which result in dryness and excessive sweating. The best solution is to bathe with lemon water. Along with this, use an arm-pad so that it prevents staining of your clothing with powder or sweat.
  3. Burning of Underarm skin: Due to excessive use of cosmetics the skinin that area starts to burn. To get rid of this one must massage the skin efficiently. Use Vitamin E and coconut oil for massage, this helps clean the skin quickly.
  4. Usage of Deodorant: The market comprises of many deodorants that claim they can brighten the underarm skin. But one should never spray deodorant directly on the skin as this results in all the more darkening of the skin. Only natural deodorants like Sandal powder and talcum powder should be used as they do not cause our skin any harm and also remove the stench.
  5. Wear loose and soft clothes: Wearing extremely tight clothes can harm your skin. The fabric and dye used in cloth can harm your skin. Muslin and cotton clothes are good and healthy and also prevent your skin from various damage.
  6. Cure for sweaty armpits: If you find your armpits sweaty then dry them up with a towel or a tissue so that it doesn’t result in blackness. Using Multani Mitti and Gram Flour prevents excessive sweating and keeps your skin dry and clean.

So use these handy tips, be carefree and wear your choice of sleeveless clothes in these blazing summers.