Latest trend of handbags for women

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Women are crazy about fashionable handbags, they always wanna fresh collection in her wardrobe. but lot of time women got fed up with all old collection which are available in market shops. in this article we tell you that which kind of bags are in trend those days. these bags are available in online shopping sites. so have a look:

1. Sling bags – Every women is working now days. they need a small bag for carry mobile and chillars. small side bags are called sling bags. the cost of sling bags are high. these are available in different fabric like leather, cotton, Mattie etc. my personal opinion is you should try for Kara sling bag, a good quality, stylish and comfortable.

2. Potlis – Again potli era is back. pltlis is in treand now with cultural dress like ghagra & choli, suits and saree. many kind of potli like- oleva, molcha, toniq etc. are available in market and on sites. but keep it in mind that these are not simple and sober.

3. Graphic bags – Summer may be ending in this month but it does not means bags fashion is out. graphic bags are still in trend since summers. graphic bags means with polka dots, banana color or race cars sprinkled on classic shapes. these bags are very costly but will give you superb look.

4. Wallet – Wallet are handy and comfortable. every girl wanna a wallet. many kind of wallets like- flap, chained, hidesign are in trend. these wallet are available in multiple colors, so you can buy it according to your dress.

5. Heritage bags- These bags are combination of handbag and carry bags. a girl can carry it on shoulder as a college bag and a lady carry it a handbag way. many style and color is in trend but these bags are limited to leather fabric with high much cost.