Home remedies to cure burning in the eyes:

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eye home remedies

Your eyes are going through burning so you’re not able to concentrate on any work and your mind focuses solely on it. You try various solutions but none of them work. There are ample of reasons for eye burning like dust, pollution, smoke or allergy. Do not experiment with your eye or rub it. For quick treatment use some home remedies and if the problem continues then consult a doctor.

Foment with ice: To cure burning, foment your eyes with ice. Use safe methods for fomenting. Some of them are:

  1. Freeze your tea bag and half an hour later put it in a cotton cloth and foment your eyes with.
  2. Take an ice cube, put it in a cotton cloth and rub it gently across your eye. Do this 3-4 times a day and it will surely be beneficial.
  3. Cucumber: Cucumber is a natural cooling agent that removes itchiness and burning in the eye and brings instant relief. Freeze slices of cucumber and put them on for 10 minutes. It also removes dark spots from your eye.
  4. Rose Water: Rose Water not only beautifies your skin but also helps cure burning and irritation in the eye. Put drops of rose water in your eye or drip a cotton ball in rose water and gently wipe it on your eye. This will relieve you from the itchiness. Do it two times a day.
  5. Cold Milk: Cold milk also helps in removing burning. Drip cotton balls in cold milk and put it on you eye in the morning and evening. It will give relief.
  6. Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice is also a boon for curing eye-irritation. Take 2 cup carrots and 1 cup spinach and drink their juice 3 times a day. This will give relief.
  7. Raw Potato: Whether it is eye-burning or eye-irritation, raw potato helps it all. It is used exactly like cucumber. Cut slices and put it on your eye for 10 minutes. Remove it. This also helps remove dark spots around the eye.
  8. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has several benefits; one of them is curing eye-itchiness. Take aloe Vera pulp and mix honey or tea juice in it, make a paste and apply it on your eyes. It will help in giving you relief.