Reasons to have sex during 8th month of pregnancy

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sex during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant she’s confused and doubtful. She questions every single aspect, to do this or not, to eat this or not, to have relations with the partner or not. During pregnancy she questions everything for the sake of her child and also worries about delivery.

The same is the case with sex as well. Many women believe that having relations with your partner during pregnancy is not good for your child. But the good news is that after several tests it has been found that having sex during the 8th month of pregnancy in no way affects your child, only the male has to handle the situation carefully and calmly.

But if you’re troubled by various things like- bleeding, placenta privia, cervical weakness or vagina infection then prevent from having sex as you may face a lot of problems later. Here are points supporting sex during 8th month so that you say yes to your partner tonight:

  • Premature Birth: Many women want to have relations with their partner in their 8th month but revert from doing so as they believe that their child will be born premature. But medical field denies this. Sex during 8th month has no relation with the child.
  • No effect on the child: It is a myth that sex affects the child, but it is not true. If the partner handles you carefully and in the right position then the child faces no danger.
  • Emotional health build up: Apart from physical health your emotional health is also necessary during pregnancy. Sex helps in improving it, you feel more close to your partner.
  • Improvement of Bonding: There can be distances and misunderstanding with the partner if there is no sex for a while. This improves your relation and rejuvenates your bonding with your partner.
  • Happy Ending and Safe Ending: During love making, there is no problem due to climax pleasure as your child during pregnancy is safe within heavy and strong muscles.
  • Be Safe: Talk freely to your partner regarding this and be concerned. Tell him to have sex in the right position without exerting any pressure on your stomach. Love isn’t limited to physical pleasure. You can feel his hug, kiss and feet massage.

[alert-note]If you believe that love making during pregnancy is not safe then talk to your doctor regarding this.  Enjoy your pregnancy days and stay happy.[/alert-note]