How to know you are pregnant?

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how to know you are pregent

Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling of being a woman. Some mothers experience all the early symptoms of pregnancy, while others just sail through months without getting the least hint. Though there are various tests to confirm your pregnancy, there are some early signs which, if you are aware, can give you the good news, much before you visit the doctor.

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Missing Periods : This is the first sign of pregnancy. If you miss your periods and feel a little ill, then you can consider this as a sign of your pregnancy and get the necessary tests done.

Fatigue : As the need of nutrients and energy increases during pregnancy, you may often feel tired and dizzy. Take as much rest as possible. Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Nausea : You may undergo nausea and vomiting sensations during the early stages of pregnancy as the body goes through a slew of hormonal changes. It can occur at any time of the day, even though it is known as morning sickness. At such a stage, an empty stomach is an absolute no-no. Try to include small carbohydrate rich snacks during the day and eat small meals after every 2-3 hours.

Change In Taste : Sometimes hormones released during pregnancy can affect your taste buds even. You may experience a metallic taste in your mouth which, in some cases, may become very high. It can also lead to lack of appetite and complete avoidance of certain food items.

Smelling Sensation : A particularly heightened sense of smell seems to be the first thing that occurs to almost all pregnant mothers.

Food Cravings : Different mothers begin to crave for certain types of food. It may be pickles, chutney, citrus fruits or even sweets and ice-creams. They may also experience aversion from certain food items, like garlic, onion, or even yellow chickpea dal.

Mood Swings/Irritability : Due to drastic hormonal changes in the body, you may get irritated on small things also. It is advisable to avoid stress, communicate your needs to your partner and pamper yourself. Take ample rest and go for yoga as well as meditation.

Tender Breasts and Nipples : Just like before the periods, after conception your breasts may start to tingle and feel more tender, fuller and sensitive. These indications can begin only a few days after conception and as the pregnancy advances, might become even more prominent.

Darkening Areolas : The areolas i.e. the dark circles around your nipples may begin to change color and darken further. They may also start increasing in diameter. The veins around the areolas may also become more prominent.

Montgomery Tubercles : You may notice an increase in the number and size of the tiny bumps around the areolas. These bumps are actually oil glands that produce oil to lubricate your nipples and areolas so as to facilitate the sucking of breast milk by your baby.

Urinary Frequency : The enlarging uterus begins to press upon your bladder strongly. As a result you feel like urinating much more frequently. It may start as early as 2-3 weeks after conception.

Rise In Body Temperature : Due to increase in basal metabolic rate, some women may experience rise in body temperature during pregnancy. However, this cannot be considered the exact sign of pregnancy as there can be various reasons for increase in temperature.

Pain In Lower Back : Due to the hormonal surge that the body goes through during pregnancy, some women may suffer pain in lower back. Lack of physical activity may increase this pain.

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If you trying to conceive and get to see any of the above mentioned symptoms in your body, get the pregnancy test kit available in the market and check the results. You can also get the urine test done to confirm your pregnancy.