how to do pregnancy test at home?

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pregnancy test

Many women want to know about pregnancy test at home. here we explain how to do pregnancy test, when to take one and how accurate it is. in medical sense, these kits are basically working on hormone HGC, i.e. knows as human chorionic ganodotropin in women urine. these kits are available at medical shops,medical store and any general store. before buying this kit, please check the date and brand name. read:

How to do pregnancy test at home?

Before doing the test: many brands are available in the market. don’t trust on local kit. some brands claims that they can detect accurate pregnancy but trust me… its not possible. while test can confirm you. u  gonna become mummy or not.

[alert-note]Read the instruction very carefully. [/alert-note]
When to take it: without precaution doing lovemaking is risky. if you have done it, you should check your pregnancy after missed period. at least you should wait for one week after lovemaking. mostly Dr. advised that women should wait at least one day after missed monthly cycle before doing this test.

How to do?
For doing the test, collect some urine in a clean bowl. use dropper for put some drops on main test kit. Hold it for 5 to 10 second.

What is result? 
Wait for one to 5 min., i think you can wait for 10 minutes because some kits takes time for indicating the result. read instruction what is color for confirm pregnancy? if you have that color on kit, congrats… and if this color is not appeared on it, means you are not pregnant.

What is next? 
If results are positives, you should consult with your doctor. if results are not positive, and you have doubt, than wait for next week. another weeks may have good news for you.