Symptoms of diabetes

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Every person can feel different symptoms of diabetes, sometime people is suffering from this and s/he have not experience any kind of sign or symptoms. diabetes are basically two types i.e. type 1 and type 2.

Symptoms are same for both types. think you might have this disease? don’t have any confusion in mind, read this article properly…. and remove your worries.

[alert-announce]Early symptoms of diabetes are followings: [/alert-announce]
1. Tiredness – under the umbrella of diabetes sign, tiredness is most common symptoms. you may feel tiredness with doing a single job.
2. Weight loss – diabetes symptoms are involve woth your weight. it can reduce your ideal weight. High levels of blood sugar pull fluid from your body. this is main reason of weight loss.
3. Numbness in hand and feet – numbness in hand and feet is known as Neuropathy. it happens because high glucose in blood, damage the nervous system and patients feel numbness in hand and feet.
4. Frequent urination – frequent urination is classic symptoms of diabetes. if you are suffering from diabetes, excess glucose buildup in your blood. due to overdose of glucose, kidneys are forced to work  Overtime to filter. after that they absorb excess glucose from body. kidneys could not tolerate overdose of glucose, so glucose is excreted into your urine.
5. Excessive thirst – due to disturbed body function and frequent urination problem, your body may dehydrated, that’s why you feel excessive thirsty all time.