Early Signs of Lung Cancer

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lung cancerIt is very essential to take care of your health. Even if you’re busy with work, always take care of your health. The usage of smoke and tobacco has drastically increased these days and so have the lung cancer cases, resultantly. One must be aware of the physical changes and symptoms in their body to initiate timely treatment of this godforsaken disease.

Lung Cancer, if caught at the first stage can be cured. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention over yourself to notice it. Here are some symptoms of Lung Cancer:

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  • Cough: If you don’t normally have cough problems and are a regular smoker and catch cough all of a sudden then be alert and get it checked. Do not ignore it if the cough lasts for more than a week. This is the firs symptom of Lung Cancer in the initial stages.
  • Short Breaths: In the initial stages an individual suffers through major shortness of breath. It is very serious and prevents you from doing regular work. People usually ignore this as asthma but it is an important symptom of Lung Cancer.
  • Pain in some parts of the body: There is a powerful pain in your chest, muscles, waist and back and it affects your nervous system.
  • Constant deterioration in health: During lung cancer your body growth stops and people are usually lean and weak. Their weakness can be observed from the naked eye. People suffer from depression, exhaustion, weight loss etc.
  • Pneumonia or Bronchitis: People suffering from lung cancer also sometimes suffer from Pneumonia and Bronchitis. If you suffer from these all of a sudden, immediately get yourself checked.
  • Slow Rumbling: While sleeping you hear a rough rumble from your chest. People usually misinterpret it for sleeping disorder. If this happens all of a sudden, get yourself checked.
  • Change in pitch or voice: During Lung Cancer your voice starts becoming heavy and slowly and slowly you lose it completely. This happens because it affects your nervous system directly.