Boost your brain power with these tips

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Sometimes our brain betrays us in the hour of need. The thing is, we often get so confused that our brain literally stops working. Here are some tips to keep your brain power active and prevent it from stagnation.

  • Too much blabbering: Chatting all the time is like a veil on your mind that soaks up your energy and ability to think. You can store your energy by keeping absolutely quiet for not much half-half day for 2 days in a week. Speak less, listen more. Sometimes you spit out something you would’ve preferred keeping inside when you speak too much. This may cause arguments and troubles in relations. Speaking less increases your concentration. You tend to become more sophisticated and may often be referred as ‘Cool Girl’ in your office.
  • Digital Disturbance: Laptop, tv, internet, mobile, tablet, calculator these are all good services that help us in our daily routine, but they are more harmful that beneficial. We should limit our time spent with these devices. Too much usage of devices may affect your memory, thinking capacity and mind. These lead to sluggishness, irritation and laziness. There is improper blood flow in our brain and our face gets old quickly.
  • Fast Food Craze: It cannot be denied that pizza, burger, noodles and cola are a treat to the taste buds but it affects our brains power . There’s too much carbohydrate in these products and are not at all posh tic. An article published in a neurology magazine said that fast food affects our brains activity. Dr. Stefani Fultan says that fast food habits and stress have a very negative effect on your brain.
  • Too Much Laziness: The 4th enemy of our mind is laziness. If you don’t do proper exercises that proper oxygen doesn’t reaches our brain. Thus decreasing its thinking capacity and decrease brian power.
  • Loud Music: Contagious pop music may make you energetic but scientists believe that listening to loud music for long hours affects your hearing capacity hazardously. It may also lead to mental problems. Listen to soft melodious music that calms your mind.