Perfect tips to become a perfect husband

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perfect husband tips

It’s really surprising and unbelievable that even after living together for so many years as husband and wife people are totally oblivious of each others behavior. Time passes and men are never able to pour out what’s their inside them. As a result out of ignorance and hesitation he neither fulfills the checklist of a good husband nor keeps his wife satisfied.

  1. Remove this notion from your head that showing your love for her would make you small.
  2. Never magnify your wife’s weakness publicly, this is your private matter, discuss it among yourself.
  3. Remind your wife frequently that you love her and that you care for her. Sometimes it is necessary to let the guard down and express.
  4. Have sympathies with your wife’s problems.
  5. Whenever you are free or feel like it cooperate your wife with the house chores, this will keep her happy.
  6. If your wife is having physical troubles then let her rest. Do not overlook her pain.
  7. Chalk out some time for your wife in your busy schedule. Listen to her problems and try to solve them.
  8. Do not try to find your idea life-partner outside, but find those qualities in your wife and confide those in her.
  9. Promote her to be happy.
  10. Respect your wife to the fullest and if she is angry then remain silent and listen to what she has to say, then explain it to her slowly.
  11. If your wife complains to you about some issue or discusses it with you then listen carefully.
  12. If a wife wants your advice over something then give it to her, don’t burden her with your advice.
  13. Do not direct your frustration with the office or colleagues over your wife but talk to her regarding it.
  14. Understand the abilities of your wife, help her achieve her goals and respect her opinions.
  15. Take your wife’s advice on important issues and respect her choice.
  16. Give her a chance to speak her mind, do not interrupt in between. Ask for her advice on sensitive issues like building a home or a wedding and remember her wish.
  17. Always be honest to her.
  18. Always consider your wife’s family as your own, and then only it will be reciprocated.
  19. Do not think of her as a servant. Help her when she’s ill.
  20. If both husband and wife are working then both should cooperate in managing the house.