Don’t do before interview

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To find a proper and quality job is a hard nut to crack in this indisputably competitive world. For an individual to secure a good job with utter ease is nothing short of a blessing. One should never take a job interview lightly for one’s true abilities are tested during an interview only.

Ample number of people are rejected after the job interview not because there are incapable of performing the job, but simply due to some minor mistakes they unconsciously commit. This imparts a very abominable impression on the interviewer and he ends up acknowledging the thought that you’re not serious for the job. Let’s find out the blunders that are commonly made during an interview:


Not reaching on time: Some people fail to be punctual even on the day of their interview. Either they waste their valuable time continuously preparing for the job interview or get stuck somewhere on their way. One must never be late for an office interview.

Dressing:  Now your job is probably something that will decide the flow of bread on your plate in the future. Thus, it is absolutely imperative to keep a check on your wardrobe which means that you have to look presentable and at your best for this special day. Please try averting from bright and sparkly colors, you’re going for a job interview not a rock concert or a ramp walk.

Foul Breath:  If bad breath is an issue for you then pop in some Aniseed (Saunf) or mint and prevent eating onions. Bad breath can be a real drawback for successfully qualifying the interview.

Questioning the interviewers regarding the salary and bonus: If the interviewers ask you about your salary, you must not jump to quick conclusions, this spoils the entire framework of the interview. Always understand the policy of the company and honestly conclude as to what it is that you deserve.

Talking on your phone: On this particular day, you must dedicate your entire attention towards the interview. You have to give the interviewers the message that there is nothing more  important for you than the interview that day. So switch off your cell phone during an interview and if you have the hardest luck and it starts to ring in the middle of your interview, save your life and quickly put it to silent.

Backbiting about your old job: When giving an interview, you must concentrate on the future affixed with that particular company and what plans you have ahead working with it. One of the most common mistakes aspiring applicants do is to backbite about their previous workplace. This frames a rather narrow and contemptible image of you in the eyes of the interviewer.