What to Eat For a Better Sex Life ?

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diet for better sex

Taking help of expensive psychological therapies and medical techniques for a better sex life is a trend long gone. There are many natural ingredients in nature whose consumption will improve your libido. Here is a list of ingredients to electrify your sex life.

Chocolate: Chocolate has forever been a symbol of romance and passion. It is said that the amount of Endorphin Hormone a female produces after eating a chocolate is 4 times than what she produces after a passionate foreplay.

Orange: This is a sweet and attractive fruit which can be used to swoon and lure your partner.

Eggs: Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 present in an egg helps as a stress buster and improves the consistency of sex. Along with this it improves your overall health and fitness.

Watermelon: Watermelon is considered as a natural Viagra. There is a miniscule amount of amino acid present in a watermelon that helps smooth flow of blood. Eating a watermelon everyday can exceedingly improve your sex life.

Saffron: If you want to see quick effects consume saffron in your diet. According to a study saffron improves sex drive.

Garlic: We don’t usually take our sex life seriously unless we fall ill from some grave disease. Start consuming more and more of garlic as it helps improve sex drive and libido both in men and women.