What are vitamins ?

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types of vitamins

We’re often advised to eat certain foods else we would fall sick. Yet we never try to find out that due to the lack of which vitamin we catch those diseases. We only know the basics which we require to as knowledge to answer general questions. So let’s learn some more facts about vitamins which keep you fit and healthy.

What are Vitamin?
Vitamins are a type of Organic Compound which help in the smooth functioning of the body. Every body part needs a different vitamin as suitable by its function. Another important point is that animals and humans require different kinds of vitamins-Like a human requires Vitamin C whereas animals require Vitamin D for the same work.

In what ways are vitamins available?
Vitamins are available in every fruit and vegetable. Milk, fish, meat, green vegetables and grain have different kinds of essential vitamins; hence it is expected of us to eat all kinds of things. Although these days there are tablets available to fill up the deficiency of various vitamins and that which are prescribed by the doctors. But it is advised to eat vegetables and fruits that are naturally rich in vitamins than consuming these tablets for a long time.

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Vitamin A- Night blindness, Hyperkeratosis
Vitamin B1- Beriberi
Vitamin B2 – Ariboflavinosis
Vitamin B3- Pellagra
Vitamin B5- Paresthasia
Vitamin B6- Anemia
Vitamin B7- Dermatitis
Vitamin B9- Birth Defects
Vitamin B12- Megaloblastic Anemia
Vitamin C- Scurvy
Vitamin D- Rickets
Vitamin E- Hemolytic Anemia