How to Avoid Pregnancy during Honeymoon ?

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avoid pregnancy

No couple would want to experience pregnancy in the romance 0f  honeymoon. This phase is for having fun and getting to know each other more. But sometimes this phase results in unwanted pregnancy. So we will tell you some ways to escape unwanted pregnancy. By following these methods you can make your honeymoon ecstatic and romantic. But remember that before using any kinds of anti-pregnancy tips, one should be aware of its pro’s and cons. Let’s get to know these solutions:

Knowledge about the monthly period cycle: To avoid unwanted pregnancy, you should be well aware of your monthly period cycle. Every woman should be aware of her cycle so that she can estimate her ovulation period easily. To calculate ovulation, there are several ovulation calendars and calculators available on the internet. Although from the 28th day and in between 7th and 14h are considered most appropriate for consummation. So don’t plan your honeymoon during these days.

Male Birth Control Measures: Condom is a popular birth control measure that is easily available in all the medical stores. This doesn’t have any side effects but only 98% of them are safe. They are available in many colors, scents and flavors. Condoms not only avoid pregnancy but also prevent the spread of STD.

Couples Should Discuss: To avoid pregnancy on your honeymoon it is advisable for the couples to discuss among themselves that birth control is best suitable for them. Remember that once you opt for a birth control measure, you have to use it regularly. Emergency contraception can be used but it never advisable and never good for health. So one must talk about these issues before proceeding for the honeymoon.

Hormone Injection: One can prevent pregnancy by these injections. But make sure you consult the doctor before taking them.