5 random facts about yourself

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Many a time there are certain things that we’re truly oblivious of. Especially things related to your body are something you’re unaware of. Today we’ll tell you some facts about yourself you don’t know.

Your stomach is smarter than your brain- Your brain consists of many neurons but do you know that your stomach has more neurons than your brain? That’s why your brain is smarter but due to the lack of thinking power the only thing it can do is to move give movement to your body.

You have hair equivalent to a chimp- In reality human body has so many hair that it would give a bear or a chimp a fair competition but as time progressed and their utility decreased they started shedding and remained to the few places they were needed.

You’re a virus- Seems bizarre but it is the truth. Research found out that you’re made up of DNA and DNA comprises of viruses. These viruses actually transfer the genes fr om generation to generation. That’s why a DNA test is conducted to find out the parents in case of doubts.

You can’t tickle yourself- This is a proven fact that you can’t tickle yourself. You can harm yourself and hit yourself but cannot tickle. And you’ll burst into laughter if someone else does it.