Interesting Facts about tears

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Everyone has shed a tear in their life, whether happy or sad but do you know tears are the most creative part of your body which are made after many chemical reactions and come out based on your emotions. Today Lifetostyle will tell you some interesting facts about tears.

There are three reasons behind tears:

  1. When you’re brimming with intense emotions-happy or sad. Sometimes anger also initiates tears.
  2. Sometimes some specific allergy also leads to tears. Like dust or smoke.
  3. Chopping onions brings tears due to the high amount of sulphur in the onions.

(A) Prolaction Hormones- Tears are formed due to prolactin hormones in the body whose concentration is more in females than males because the breast milk also forms due to this.

(B) The female tear ducts are bigger as compared to males. People often say women cry a lot, you can’t blame them, they’re made this way.

(c) If the first tear comes out of right eye it’s a tear of joy and if left then it is of pain-this is a myth. People claim that the first tear tells the emotion but scientists claim it to be wrong saying the first tear always comes out of the right eye.

(D) To cry in good situations improves happiness and to cry in bad situations increases sadness: This is somewhat true that if you start crying during pain your mind stops working and you can’t think straight. Whereas crying due to happiness brings you closer to people.

(E) You see clearly after crying: There are tear laden lacrimal glads present in your upper eyelids wheich when released wash your eyes and you see better.