How to increase penis size?

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increase size of penis

Not just the females, but males too are constantly troubled and fed up of the negative image of their body. A growing problem amongst the males is their inferiority complex due to the small size of their penis. If you’re troubled by the same problem then no need to worry, increase the size of your penis by these natural methods:

Penis Pump: This is a vacuum or a pump that increases the size of the penis through pill, gel or cream. It pulls the blood towards the penis which increases its size. Although regular use of this might cause harm as it effects the veins.

Burn the Belly Fat: Due to excessively obese stomach, the penis starts to look small. Despite the fact that it might be big it appears small due to the heavy belly so try and cut down the stomach fat.

Get Rid of Stress: Stress and disappointment also decrease the size of the penis as stress prevents the flow of blood towards it and thus hinders the growth of the penis.

Meditation: For a better sex life, do meditation. By regular meditation the blood circulation improves and increases the penis size.

Warm Up: Cold temperatures reduce the size of the penis, so to keep the body warm take hot showers which will result in better circulation of blood in the body thus increasing the penis size.

Quit Smoking: Small portions of cigarettes block your arteries. Due to this the blood does not reach all the parts of the human body in sufficient quantities and so the body does not develop properly. This applies in the penis too. So quit smoking.