JIO Launched Digital Champions Program For Students

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Jio, the world’s fastest growing digital services company, today introduced ‘Digital Champions’, a unique 5-week student learning program aimed at empowering today’s youth with knowledge of leveraging digital technologies for businesses in the digital age. The program aims to share knowledge about digital solutions with the youth of the nation, build them as digital champions and contribute to their development.

Over the course of this program, students will learn about digital technologies and how digital can positively impact Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the future. Students will also be guided through a digital toolkit on new age problem solving. The practical application of this methodology will help students master critical skill-sets while exposing them to real world solutions.

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Jio, under the Digital Champions Program will organize 4 batches across the country, with the first batch starting this summer from May 21, 2018. Each internship will last 5 weeks and undergraduates can choose from over 800 cities and towns to enroll in the batch of their choice. Interested students can register for Digital Champions by visiting

As a technology company, Jio sees a deep desire among businesses to exploit new and exciting opportunities presented by the emerging digital technologies. By providing several thousand undergraduates with this opportunity, Jio will create a talent pool with required digital expertise that can drive the growth of SMBs in tomorrow’s Digital India.

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Enrol for the Digital Champions Program and be a part of the Digital India Movement

Our world is rapidly changing and many aspects of our lives have become ‘digital’. Business models across industries have changed almost overnight through innovative applications of digital technologies. In this ‘new normal’, business leaders are evaluating traditional strategies and operating models from a fresh ‘digital’ lens. In this scenario, it is important to provide the current generation of students with the right set of skills and make them ready for the challenges of the future. Towards that end, Reliance Jio has designed a one-of-its-kind learning program – Digital Champions.

Program Details

‘Digital Champions’ is a 5-week Action Oriented Program that requires students to interact closely with multiple Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to get insights into their business and challenges. The student will also learn about new digital technologies and how they can positively impact SMBs. Guidance on new age problem solving methodology will be provided through a digital toolkit and students can in turn apply this learning in real world business challenges.

Eligible Students

  • For 4 year undergraduate courses, students who have completed 1st or 2nd year
  • For 3 year undergraduate courses, students who have completed 1st year

Selection Criteria

  • Student selection would be done on the basis of their responses to an online assessment test