Fashion do’s and don’ts for curvy women

right outfit

Are you overweight? Is selecting the right outfit a challenge for you? Here is an expert who can guide you through the right wardrobe.

With the help of style editors of Navabi, a designer fashion brand which offers sizes 14 to 30, one can find out the “Do’s and Don’ts” while dressing up:


* Soft fabrics such as jersey, cotton, flannel or cashmere

* Figure-hugging shirts and blouses

* Narrow V-necklines

* Low-cut and single-breasted jackets

* Straight-cut, wide trousers

* Pencil skirts with a high waistline

* Shift dresses and dresses with an asymmetric cut


* Shiny fabrics such as satin, as well as thick materials such as velvet

* Double-breasted jackets and coats

* Playful details such as ruffles or flounces in the bust area

* Skinny jeans

* Horizontal Stripes and halter neck tops

* Empire style

[alert-note]Special tip for accessories[/alert-note]

* Loosely draped scarves can skilfully conceal a large chest.

*But be careful with accessories like brooches and short necklaces – they can make an ample bosom look even bigger.

Aditi Pathak

Aditi Pathak, founded Lifetostyle, after writing at few other places. She love to connected with peoples of different states and country, and thus, Lifetostyle is here.

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