Sport belted scarf look in style

Sport belted scarf

There are various ways to tie a scarf and one of them is to wear with a belt. To sport it, ensure you don’t go for chunky knit scraf or thick belts. shares tips on how to pull off the look:

Don’t go too bulky : A chunky knit scarf won’t do. Instead, wear one that’s made of silk or lightweight cotton.

Do use a thin belt : The size of the belt depends on the weight of the scarf (the thicker the material, the thicker the belt). However, a thinner belt looks better than a hefty metal buckle.

Don’t cinch too high : The belt should fit around your natural waist. Tie it too high and you’ll have way too much fabric floating around.

Don’t ignore the hem : Movement in the scarf is key. Stay away from styles with a blunt hem and opt for fringe or a slanted edge.

Do pay attention to length: Make sure the scarf hits just above your kneecaps.

Don’t shy away from layers: Sure, wearing a scarf over a dress is the ideal combination. But adding a blazer or a cardigan looks equally as chic.

Aditi Pathak

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