Make up tips for small eyes

makeup tips for small eyes

Make up is a part and parcel for a regular girl these days. It is an essential accessory without which more or less every girl feels incomplete. Different facial features demand different types and styles of make up; one of these features is eyes.

While it is easier for girls with bigger eyes to apply make-up, it becomes somewhat difficult for girls with small eyes. But no need to worry, we’re here with a few tricks as to how to beautify those small eyes:

  • Maintain Your Eyebrows- Even though this goes out in general for every girl, this is a great tip for girls with small eyes. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed and maintained from an expert. Small eyes with unmaintained brows are a complete No.
  • Use a Concealer- Make sure you don’t have dark circles lingering below those eyes; they’ll make it look even smaller. Use an efficient concealer to hide those dark circles.
  • Eye-lash curler- Use a proper eye lash curler and curl those eyelashes to male them look big and elongating. These will beautify your eyes and make them look big.
  • Use a proper Mascara- Apply mascara after using a curler as it will further intensify the look making it more appealing and attractive. A mascara will elongate the lashes making the eyes look bigger.
  • Don’t apply too much eyeliner- Know the limit to when you’ve to stop drawing those lines on your little eyes. Eyes copious with black make-up would not look hygienic or proper. Put a thin line of eyeliner and it’ll work just fine.
  • Pale eye-shadow- Always use a paler shade of an eye-shadow along your lids, this will enhance their size and make them look bigger and brighter.
  • Smudge Your Eyes- Another brilliant tip is to smudge your eye-liner just a little bit to make them look bigger. Don’t spoil it, but just little dab would make them look smoky and big.

So these were a few tips to make those eyes look bigger if you desire so. Applying the make up precisely can do wonders to the face and confidence of a girl and eye make up always is a best option for any kind of an event or social gathering.

But it is essential to remember, even without tons of make-up, all kinds of eyes look equally beautiful and appealing.

Aditi Pathak

Aditi Pathak, founded Lifetostyle, after writing at few other places. She love to connected with peoples of different states and country, and thus, Lifetostyle is here.

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