How To Impress A Girl ?

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Want to wow that certain girl ?  Though you can’t control the way she feels about you and make her fall in love with you, but you can certainly put yourself into a better light, so that she gets a reason to notice you. Here are some tips to impress a girl.

Dress Smartly
By dressing smartly, not only you will look and smell more attractive, but also make an impression of being a mature person, who is capable of handling his daily chorus.

Keep Clean
Shower atleast once in a day. It’s probably best to take bath in the morning, as you can start the day feeling fresh and clean. Brush twice daily and use mouthwash so that your mouth doesn’t sting and you breath fresh. During the course of the day keep fresh breaths with mouth-fresheners and chewing-gums.

Manage Facial Hair
Shave daily if you look good in clean-shave. If you prefer shabby looks, make sure that yoy facial hair is trimmed to uniform length and is not unruly.

Use Deodorant/Perfume
Apply deodorant, perfume or anti-perspirant as soom as you come out of the shower. Wear fresh clothes everyday.

Be Polite
Being polite doesn’t mean you are boring. It shows that you know how to treat other people with respect. So never hesitate in saying ‘sorry’, ‘thankyou’ and ‘please’. Use phrases like ‘I would appreciate it if……’ or ‘can you do me a favour…….’

Gentle Acts
If someone is walking through a door behind you, hold it open for him or her. Avoid cursing someone or speaking rude in public. Offer your seat in public transport to someone who is needy.

Talk Sensibly
When your dreamgirl is around you, then avoid discussing the looks and attitude of another girl. It may make you seem shallow and fickle. Don’t tell dirty jokes. There is a time and place for wicked humor. Avoid using abusive language.

Pay Sincere Compliments
Think of what you like the most about your girlfriend. It could be her smile, her eyes, her lips, her voice, her nature, etc. Then appreciate that feature. Keep the compliment short, sweet and simple. Get the body language and tone of speech right while appreciating her. Match her eyes and keep a smile on face.

Listen Her
Don’t ignore her and listen to what she says. Try to be funny and avoid comments that may raise a debate. Don’t over-react to her comments.