Gossip Topic between Women

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When women gather gossip becomes inevitable. In a research involving 2,000 women, British researchers had revealed that a typical woman spends five hours a day-more than a third of her waking hours-chatting and gossiping. The topic of discussion may include anything from diet, exercise and sex life to other woman’s dress and relationship issues. Let’s have a look at the common topics of gossip between women.

Money and Shopping
Money is an easy way to keep score. Therefore, women love hearing salary rumors and trying to find out how much the neighbor paid for a particular stuff. It gives them a sense of being superior to others.

Diet and exercise
Every woman dreams of achieving a slim-trim figure. So discussion on diet and exercise regime becomes inevitable. It may range from avoiding junk-food to regularly hitting the gym and showing jealousy towards other woman’s attractive figure. Bust size, bum size and waist size is also included in discussion.

Health Worries
Health issues are an important part of discussion within women. It includes conversation on the steps to overcome disturbance in menstrual cycle, diabetes, heart-diseases and arthritis pain. Other woman’s pregnancy rumor is also a hot topic of discussion.

It is believed that the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. So, by discussing recipes women try to enhance their art of cooking. It helps them in impressing their children, in-laws, friends and relatives also.

Who’s Seeing Who
Rumor about love life and extra-marital affair of people around is the most exciting topic of gossip between women. They like to talk about the kind of conversation going on between couples, their date plans and types of gifts exchanged. Other people’s relationship problems including what would they do if were in the same situation is also a hot topic of discussion.

Women love boasting about self’s children and comparing them to the best of the breed. They always talk about their achievements and try to prove them better on others.

What cosmetics do you use? Your lip shade and nail color is gorgeous? What is the secret behind your glowing skin? Will this color suit on me? These are some common lines, which can be heard in every woman’s conversation.

Mother in Law
Complaints about mother-in-law dominates almost every gossip session. It includes discussion on the problems and misunderstanding she creates, her unsupportive behavior, husband’s support towards mother-in-law and the load of work being faced without any help or sympathy.

Sex and Relationships
Women like talking about their sex life. They never hesitate in telling each other about the feeling of orgasm and how their partner tries to make them feel good. Discussion on impact of unsafe sex and sex related infections is also common.

Daily Soaps and Films
Women easily correlate with the characters shown in films and tv serials. They love to talk about their favorite characters, their courage, passion, difficulties and belief. Showing hatred towards the negative characters and comparing them to real life characters is also common.

Benefits Of Gossip
» By gossiping and sharing dark secrets, women get to increase their friends circle.
» Healthy gossip helps in relieving stress, it promotes good health among women.
» Researchers have found it useful in increasing productivity and emotional bonding.