5 Best Ways how to propose a girl

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Proposing a girl you love takes a lot of courage, sincerity and creativity. Not only will you need to decide if she is the one who you want to spend your whole life with, but also have to think of an original and beautiful way to make that moment the most memorable moment of her life. Here are some tips how to propose a girl in a stylish manner-

♥ Propose at the place you first met her ♥
This one doesn’t need a lot of preparation simply because the place you’re taking her is already special. Make it simple by casually inviting her out, don’t tell her where you’re going but just take her there. When you’re finally at that special place, start talking about the time you first met. What you thought about her, what made you like her, how she makes you feel. Also talk about good and difficult moments you spent with her and how much more willing you are to go through even more difficult times, as long as it’s with her. As soon as you reach there, hold her hands, pull out the ring from your pocket, bend on your knees and ask her politely: “Will you marry me?”

♥ Use an audio-visual presentation you personally made 
Using a photo or video editing software, compile the photos and videos of the two of you together and create a photo collage or montage. Write captions that show how much she means to you. At the end of the presentation, pop the question “Will you marry me?” in captions with a video clip of you holding a ring. Show this video and gift her the original ring.

♥ Go to the temple or church 
If your girlfriend is a religious kind of person, take her to the temple or church. Pop the question: “Will you marry me?” in front of the almighty. Seek the blessings to maintain the togetherness and take the wedding wows as soon as possible.

♥ Propose in a nicely set-up hotel room 
Chose a special occasion, maybe her birthday, your birthday or the day you met her first time. Call or text her on the phone and tell her that you’ve arranged a candle-light dinner for the two of you. Inform her what time she needs to be there and give her the hotel room number – leave the door unlocked so she can just walk in. Before she comes, arrange everything – soft, sweet music playing in the background, a trail of scattered rose petals, red balloons, ribbons and glitter all the way. In balcony arrange a table for two with her favorite food and champagne. When she I finally in, say a few words to describe her beauty and importance, take a few steps towards her while pulling out the ring from your pocket, kneel down, take her hand and ask her, “Will you give me the honor of being your husband?”

♥ Play a hunt game 
If your girlfriend loves adventures, play a sort of treasure hunting game with map and clues to express your feelings. You can also include your friends and tell them all about your plan so they can cooperate with you. It doesn’t have to be on a special occasion; just tell her it’s a weekend activity which you think would be fun to do together. Don’t make the questions too difficult so you won’t be waiting too long at the other end. While she’s out going all over the place, you can prepare the end spot. It can be at the beach, in a restaurant, a hotel room or anywhere you fancy. When she’s finally found you using the maps and hints you gave her, give her a reward she’ll never forget – hand her a small box with a ring inside, kneel down and ask her your question.