How to Remove Your Makeup ?

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Every girl relies on makeup to hide her facial pores and spots. But dozing off to sleep without removing it is a very bad habit. Our skin is pretty sensitive so leaving make up on may lead to the opening of pores and formation of pimples and black heads.

If you apply too much of make up then make sure you have a make up remover in your bag. Along with the skin, it is absolutely imperative to remove the eye make up as well as eyes are pretty sensitive too. In this article, we’ll teach you to successfully remove make-up from face and eyes.

How to remove make up from eyes and face.

  • Slowly remove make up from the eye, remember it doesn’t go off with only water so make sure you use an eye make up remover. Then with a cotton ball remove the make up from the eyelids. Clean the eye liner, eye shadow and mascara properly.
  • With a cotton ball and olive oil remove the make up from the eyes. Heat the olive oil a little so that it becomes more effective.
  • Use these natural ways to remove eye make up: 1 Spoon Castor Oil. 1 Spoon Olive oil and Canola Oil. Mix these two tablespoons and use it to effectively remove make up.
  • You can wash off the waterproof make up with baby oil or baby shampoo.
  • Cleanser removes make up easily. So go for a cleanser that does not result in pimples. Use Neutrogena, Olay and Ponds oil since they keep the skin moisturized and also clean it.
  • Never use an eye make up remover to wash off the face and if your skin is oily then dare not use it as it may cause pimples.
  • Do not forget to moisturize after deep cleansing your face.