Benefits of Kissing ?

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kissing benefit

Have you ever thought that kissing also has certain advantages?  According to a survey conducted, the people who kissed without hesitation are found to be more happy and lively while those hesitant were found to be lazy and tired. Let’s find some benefits of kissing:

  1. Mending bonds: Kiss does a commendable job in bringing a relationship to a romantic turn. If there’s a deficiency of love in a relation then it can be filled with a kiss. We are all aware that a kiss between a couple is the best way to strengthen their bond.
  2. Fighting Diseases: This is not a joke. When we kiss our body releases certain hormones that make us happy and help improve our immune system. This gives strength to our body to fight diseases.
  3. Reduces Pain: When we kiss our body releases adrenaline that helps cure pain. This is the most beneficial in a headache.
  4. Reduces Stress: After an arduous day at work it makes your day after receiving a kiss. A kiss reduces cholesterol and improves immune system which reduces stress.
  5. Kissing also improves our brain capacity : But this surely doesn’t mean that you hysterically go and start kissing every random person. Kiss a person who means something to you and that too with true feelings.
  6. Burns Calories: Kissing pumps up the metabolism in our body. The number of calories burnt during one kiss is equivalent to an hour of a workout in a gym. But doing this everyday may result in the depreciation of feelings.