How to give bath your baby ?

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Giving your baby a bath is the hardest task in motherhood period because they are so sensitive. one important thing you should keep in your mind during bath process of baby i.e. never leave your baby unattended. other than that, collect all the important things and start giving the bath to your baby.
Here Learn all of the steps you should take in order to properly give your toddler bath and
what materials you’ll need to do so.
baby bath
1. Time: 
Firstly select right time for the baby bath. Giving your baby a bath while he/she’s in a good mood is key. Avoid bathing his/her when she’s overtired or hungry. morning 8 to 11 AM is the ideal time for a baby bath.
2. Wear a right dress: 
Before giving the bath to your baby, you should change your clothes. wear appropriate clothes. fold your long sleeves dress and put flat sleepers in your feet. you have to wear something so that you don’t care about yourself and give the bath to him properly.
3.Get all stuff: 
Once you are started give your baby a bath, then it’s hard to pick an item and leave your baby alone. collect these items before starting baby bath-
  1. Baby soap
  2. Baby shampoo
  3. 2 Soft towel
  4. Changing mat
  5. Baby powder
  6. Clothes set
  7. Clean diaper
  8. Soft bath toy
3. Fill the tub with warm water – 
If you have the tub in your bathroom, fill it with warm water otherwise, you can fill the bucket. The ideal water temperature for your baby’s bath is believed to be 35 degrees C. If you don’t have the thermometer, you can test the water temperature with the tip of your elbow. dip your elbow in the water, if it’s not hurt then it’s fine for your baby.
4. Undress your baby – 
all preparation are done. Now, undress your baby. If you need any help from someone in this step, ask for help without delay. keep in your mind, don’t leave your baby alone.
5. Bathing – 
start bathing your baby. give support your baby head and neck. slowly ease your baby into the tub, firstly dip the feet. but make sure, your baby is completely comfortable and not feel uneasy with contact of water.
slowly-slowly pour water on his/her body. Rub few drops of shampoo in your hand and wash your baby head with it carefully. after proper cleaning,  rinse the head of your baby.
After that, wash your baby body with baby soap and rinse it. take you child out of a tub and pat your baby dry with soft towel.  put power on his/her body and dress him.