Not sleeping enough? Beware of dementia: Michael Mosley

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British author, medical journalist and television host Michael Mosley says his biggest advice to people in India would be to get a “good nights sleep”.

“My biggest advice to people in India would be to get a good night’s sleep. Millennials believe they can survive the day by 5-6 hours of sleep and keep themselves from falling asleep by having coffee or energy drinks but that won’t help,” Mosley said in a statement.


 “Amidst the work schedules and long commutes, sleep has to be prioritised. If you sleep less than five hours, there are higher risks of diabetes and more so of dementia. Lack of sleep leads to gradual memory loss. It might not matter in the 1920s, but it definitely will in your 1950s and 1960s,” added Mosley, who visited India on the first-anniversary celebration of Sony BBC Earth last week.

Research indicates that India is alarmingly high on sleep deprivation and much of it is attributed to increasing stress levels and disruptive work diaries.

Mosley has written three international bestsellers — “The Fast Diet” (also known as the 5:2 diet), “Fast Exercise” and “The Blood Sugar Diet”, which have sold in more than 42 countries. His popular show “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” airs on Sony BBC Earth in India. He has busted various food, fitness and health-related myths on the show.