How to stay fit during festive season

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Drink adequate amount of water and walk for 30 minutes daily to enjoy the festive season in a healthy way, says an expert.

Sonia Narang, Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India, has shared the route to a healthy festive season.


Remain focused: This will ensure that you do not miss your workouts, or eat bizarre at every point. Constantly remind yourself that the pleasure of eating fats and sweets is temporary whereas the pleasure of fitness and good health lasts forever. Respect your body by nurturing it, not abusing it with excess of alcohol or fried snacks.

Alcohol: When we consume alcohol, the body burns this off before food so any food you eat while you are drinking or afterwards will most likely to be stored as fat. Eat something healthy before drinking. This will prevent you from snacking on deep fried food and other mindless nibbling while drinking.

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Stay active: Be productive, stay active. Do not miss your workouts. Celebrations are no excuse not to remain physically active. Burn those extra calories every day.

Never go out hungry: When you go visiting people, make sure to eat something at home before you leave. This will keep you half full and during visits, it will discourage you from eating too much.

Healthy platter: Stick to a healthy platter of food when you are eating at home. Keep your fridge full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Snack on them instead. This way, you will have given yourself a proper diet before indulging in festive food. The healthy food intake at home will also be able to balance out your festive treats.

Control portions: Keep small servings on your plate. If napkins are available, just take a little on a napkin. A napkin can, anyways, not take much. Doing so will ensure that you are having something and at the same time, controlling your portion size.

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Drink more water: Water keeps the system well hydrated. It will help ensure to prevent any water retention. Keeps blood pressure in check. Helps shed extra calories. Focus on drinking 10-12 glasses of clean water daily. Let not your system and skin suffer.

Sourse: IANS