DIZO’s Survival in Doubt: Realme’s Sub-Brand May Face Closure

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In May 2021, Realme, a Chinese smartphone brand, entered the market with a new sub-brand called DIZO. Abhilash Panda was appointed as the CEO of DIZO, and the brand received significant support from influencers to establish its presence in India.

DIZO introduced various products under its brand, including Bluetooth neckbands, TWS earbuds, smartwatches, feature phones, hair dryers, and trimmers. Despite the recent global pandemic, DIZO managed to launch an extensive product lineup consisting of 13 Bluetooth audio products, 17 smartwatches, 2 feature phones, 3 hair trimmers, and 1 hair dryer, which was considered a remarkable achievement for a new brand.

During its anniversary celebrations last year, DIZO’s CEO, Abhilash Panda, expressed satisfaction with the brand’s success in India. The brand even cited reports from Counterpoint Technology Market Research, which indicated that DIZO held a 4.4% market share and ranked among the top five smartwatch brands in India.

However, DIZO will not be celebrating its second anniversary this year due to the resignation of Abhilash Panda and Realme’s apparent distancing from the DIZO brand. No official statements or announcements regarding the closure of DIZO have been made yet, leaving doubts about the brand’s future and its longevity in the market. Efforts to obtain clarification from Realme’s media communication teams are currently underway.

Since February 2023, DIZO has remained silent, with no updates or announcements. The most recent addition to their product lineup was the Dizo Watch D2, launched in February 2023.

Customers who have purchased DIZO products are now concerned about the availability of software updates and after-sales support.

In April 2023, Realme made an announcement about reorganizing its Techlife brand, consolidating all its products under the existing Narzo sub-brand. Techlife product enthusiasts were advised to follow Narzo’s social media accounts for future updates, and Realme’s official channels were recommended for AIoT product announcements, indicating that AIoT products would no longer be released under the Narzo brand.

This announcement from Realme has caused confusion, as the company had previously established a Techlife ecosystem comprising industrial design, supply chain, and AIoT components seamlessly integrated with the Realme Link App. However, Realme has not provided any clarification regarding the future of AIoT devices under the DIZO brand.

The recent resignation of Abhilash Panda has raised questions about the brand’s future, leaving customers seeking answers. Some have expressed concerns on social media, calling for assistance from Realme and highlighting the need for support for those who have purchased DIZO products.

As customers await clarification and support, it remains to be seen how Realme and DIZO will address these concerns.

In a previous interview with The Telegraph in June 2022, Abhilash Panda subtly mentioned that DIZO is a part of Realme’s TechLife ecosystem but not a sub-brand of Realme.

In light of Abhilash Panda’s recent resignation, rumors have emerged suggesting the possible shutdown of DIZO within just two years of its launch. Additionally, DIZO’s media communications team has also departed, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the brand’s future.