10 habits of women that men hate!

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women habit

Males In our society claim that certain by birth habits of females are very common and irritating. Let’s talk of these 10 habits:

Soap Opera- Males hate the fact that women watch too much of soap opera. They feel that this is the cause of all the drama and the unnecessary expectation of a virtual life.

Reading Romantic Novels- Men truly dislike when women read romantic novels and get emotional, reason being that they do not give them attention when they read.

Questioning every minute- Women have a tendency to ask questions every minute. This habit really frustrates the male. They feel if a group of 4 males is sitting together the female will always ask the topic of conversation and will give her opinions without being asked of.

Lying- Women usually hesitate from speaking the truth and say it in a tortuous way. They refrain from speaking the truth out of deep emotions.

Pampering- Women consider every man a superhero. Be it their father, brother, boyfriend or husband. They feel they have superpowers so they tend to ask everything they want from them. This habit of constant pampering doesn’t quite please men.

Craze for jewelry and clothes- Even though their wardrobes are brimming with clothes and jewelry they somehow always complain for having less. Their wish for these items is insatiable. This befuddles the men.

Taking time in dressing up- After a thorough discussion it was found that women take a lot of time in dressing up and even more in applying make up. Every male has to go through this.

Kitchen Politics- Women duly enjoy arguments and kitchen politics and this irritates the men and they blame it on the tv serials.

They compliment a men it’s fair, if men do their loose on character- Women are usually impressed by other men. When they talk good about the other men they expect you to listen and if men do the same then it’s another Golgotha.

Fighting over old issues- Men believe that women suppress their agitation and shoot it out later in an argument, till that time men forget what it was all about and loose the argument. Over 90% of men are fed up of this habit.