5 books that changed your life

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All the bibliophiles out there are going to have a great November this year as these five books have been last year published. Every book is from a different field and although it cannot be denied that the book world is devoid of romance novels these days but these books are equally worthy. Their exceptionally good and have their own class. Their writing style alone makes you fan of the writer. Let’s get to know more about these writers.

  1. A Garland of Memories This book is written by Ruskin Bond and he has talked about his childhood in Dehradun. This book was published on Bond’s 79th birthday that is 19th May 2013. The beautiful memories of Dun capture us in their enigma.
  2. Trojan Horse Mark Rasinovich wrote this book after oodles of understanding and researching. The whole book comprises of talks about the Cyber World. He has also talked about cyber crimes. Apart from growth and diversification cyber world also leads to crime, this has vivdly been proved in the book.
  3. Good Night and Good LuckKusumanjali Ravindranath has commendably dictated the way to cherish and bed children. Costing Rs. 299 this is the story of a mother and her child. The writer has explained effective ways of raising children in the technological world and the difference between myth and reality.
  4. Half a Rupees Story The author of this book is Gulzar and the name is enough. Published in May end this book has swept the bookshelves lately. The writer has talked of the story of a suicide bomber who plans on blowing away the Prime Minister.
  5. The Test of Life Yuvraj Singh has talked of the most struggling period of is life in this book. He has also talked of his journey from a cancer patient to living like a normal person. This book is a great source of inspiration, especially who’re going through such a phase or someone close is going through such a phase.