How To Deal With a Naughty Child

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naughty child

Occasionally, we all have dealt with a naughty child. Those little misfits; rogue and reckless who can’t stand a single flower vase unbroken thus shattering them into pieces. They enjoy disorder and chaos and are pretty common these days. They are usually the group leaders in the class, and sometimes worrisome for their mothers and teachers.

If you, by any chance, are caught up into this kind of a struggle, today we bring forward these few handy tips to, if not stop, but lower down on the naughtiness.

  • Teach them through games- Invent a little game with your child and involve him into it. Instruct him, if he doesn’t cause any commotion until you’re in the bathroom, he gets a reward. The child will cooperate and learn at the same time.
  • Movies- Make him watch good movies. Those that show the qualities of a good child and are at the same time fun to watch. Example- The Lion King.
  • Scolding- Don’t indulge into violence, but frequent reminders of, “Who is the boss” is necessary.
  • Time Table– Make a time table for your child and MAKE SURE he strictly adheres to it. This way he’ll learn to be punctual and scheduled and his brain won’t be free enough to involve in any sort of nuisance.
  • Free him for a day- This might sound surprising, but your child will be more keen to follow your commands of less commotion if you tell him that he can do anything he likes for a day. He will take this as a reward and follow your instructions the entire week more enthusiastically.

Love him with all your heart and don’t be too much worried for his naughtiness. Kids improve with time, give them their space. And excuse them, they’re just making memories.