How to impress a girl on chat ?

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Does your girlfriend seem unimpressed by your efforts in charming her? OR you always try to sound interesting during your chats. We live in virtual age where everybody is totally buildup your image and personality by your social media image.

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Mostly guys find it difficult to impress a girl on chat. First chats are like first dates. If you want to create the good impression, let this article give you some tips that how to hold her in conversation and make fall in love with you.

1. Don’t talk about yourself

When you talk with a girl over chat, don’t talk about yourself too much. Instead try to talk more about her. Girls are just love to talk about themselves so always encourage her, boost her, appreciate her to say more and more.

2. Show your interest

When you talk to a girl, show your interest in her. If she is beauty conscious, talk her about it. Tell her, what was on your mind when you meet first time, when talk first time etc. teenage girls can highly impressed by these kind of talk.

3. No personal question

Are you virgin? Do you have boyfriend? Are you single? These type of question can alert her that you are not so good and having gluing personality. Personal questions on first chat or first date can ruin your efforts. Girls never like those who put personal question at first time.

4. Show your confidence

Undoubtedly, confidence is game changer. Girls love those guys who are confident but not dominant. They suppose this is the biggest attractive qualities in man. Try it, it’s actually work.

5. Caring with manners

You always heard that girl want a partner just like her father, because of father is always caring for her daughter and girls always want that pamper. If you are caring, then ball is in your court. Handle her very carefully, never abuse her on chat. Never use inappropriate word during conversation. Be caring, be sophisticated and sober! You will never lose a girl.