India’s 1st Air Purifier certified to remove 99% widest range of pollutants

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With the onset of smog season, most of Northern India continues to breathe extremely dangerous levels of smog-fueled air. Development, industrialization and urbanization has increased air pollution to never before alarming levels, and those affected by it most severely are little children across the country.

The air you breathe at home is equally polluted to the air outside, in the city. While breathing we inhale a number of pollutants like micro-dust, smoke, bacteria, virus, and allergens alongside oxygen. The prolonged inhalation of these pollutants can lead to breathing issues, and significantly impact your child’s developing lungs causing wheezing, sneezing, and congestion.


While it is difficult to control the air outside, controlling the quality of air in your home has never been easier. Pureit Air Purifier offers a timely solution to all your woes, ensuring you and your children breathe clean air indoors at all times.

Priya Nair, Vice President – Home Care, HUL said, “Pureit is a strong brand in the purification space with several market defining innovations on water purification to its credit. We are happy to extend our brand into air purification as well”

Pureit Air Purifier

  • Pureit Air Purifier is India’s 1st air purifier to eliminate 99% of the 6 widest range of harmful pollutants in just 1 hour, including Cigarette Smoke, Dust (like airborne micro-dust), Particulate Matter (like PM 2.5 and PM 10), Air Borne Bacteria (similar to Tuberculosis and Conjunctivitis), Air Borne Virus (similar to H1N1 and Influenza), and Allergens (Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mites and Pet Dander).

  • Pureit combines world class air purification technologies like the Advance HEPA Technology to refresh the air in the room once every 13 minutes.

  • Pureit Air Purifiers with its dual fan and dual filters helps give 2X purification in less time.
  • Pureit Advance HEPA Technology ensures that the purifier eliminates pollutants in the lowest possible time, making it the only purifier that claims removal efficacy of the purifier and not just the filters.

Unique Features

  • Air Purity Indicator- Measures air quality once every 2 secs. to display the Quality of Air in your room.
  • Fights WHO Blacklisted Contaminants- Designed to fight the WHO Blacklisted Contaminants.
  • Refresh Display: Refreshes your room’s air, every 13 minutes- Pure Refresh – Well designed Air Vents to refresh all the air in your room every 13 minutes2. Only Pureit shows you how many times the air in your room has been cleaned by your air purifier.
  • Pureit Promise – Pure Air, always- A unique promise of purity to give your family Pure Air to breathe. Alerts you 15 days before Filter Expiry and stopping the device once the filter life expires.
  • Fresh Air Guarantee – Designed to remove several unique Indian in-home odours and harmful organic compounds (VoCs) to keep your air fresh and energising.
  • Intelligent Automatic Operation- Sensing the room’s air quality, it automatically increases or decreases speed of purification to deliver pure air in the shortest time possible.
  • Low Power Consumption- Optimized for lowest power consumption – Consumes only as much power as a ceiling fan.
  • Ultra Quiet Performance- Designed to deliver Pure Air fast, making no more noise than a gentle quiet conversation.
  • Occupies Minimal Space- For high purification capacity, tower type design helps occupy minimal space in your room.
  • Child Safety Lock (Available in model H301)- If you have kids or pets in the house, the Child Lock feature may be exactly what you need. It helps in keeping all the settings in place by locking all the keys of the interface. Press the button for 3 seconds to activate it. Press it again for 3 seconds to deactivate.
  • Convenience of 5X3 modes of Speed and Timer- Helps you take charge of Air Purity in your room with its 5×3 choice of Speed and Timer modes.

Pureit Air Purifiers are available in three variants – H101 (4.1kg; 55 W) H201 (5.6 kg; 55 W), and H301 (8.4 kg; 70 W), to specifically suit your needs, and is available at leading consumer electronics and durables chains across the country.

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