Noise Records Impressive 100% Growth, Concludes FY23 with INR 2000 Crores in Revenue

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Noise, the dominant connected lifestyle brand in India, has solidified its position as the leader in the smart wearables industry, achieving a remarkable year-on-year growth of over 100%. The company has successfully concluded the fiscal year 2023 with a revenue exceeding INR 2000 crores, with ambitious plans to build upon this success in the upcoming fiscal year by doubling its achievements.

Noise is expected to maintain a strong growth momentum of over 70% in the following year, driven by both increased sales volume and improved pricing strategies.

The company has experienced consistent growth in both the smartwatches and true wireless stereo (TWS) segments, with smartwatches contributing to an impressive 80% of its overall growth. During this period, Noise has expanded its product portfolio to include a diverse range of offerings, such as the flagship series Noise ColorFit Pro 4, the children’s category product Noise Champ 2, and other notable smartwatches like the Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 Max and Noise ColorFit Caliber.

In the TWS category, the brand introduced popular products such as Noise Buds VS102, Noise AirBuds Mini, and Noise Buds VS104. Demonstrating its commitment to innovation, Noise established Noise Labs, an in-house technological incubator, which successfully conceptualized and launched two groundbreaking products: Noise i1, a smart eyewear, and Noise IntelliBuds, gesture-controlled TWS earbuds.

Throughout the year, Noise remained dedicated to its “Make in India” initiatives, with over 95% of its production already taking place within the country. The brand has also achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Indian brand to ship over 3 million smartwatches made in India, emphasizing its commitment to supporting the nation’s vision of becoming a global manufacturing hub.

In its pursuit of reaching consumers wherever they are, Noise expanded its offline presence to further penetrate the Indian market. With an 80:20 ratio for online and offline channels nationwide, the brand aims to establish strategic alliances that will enable it to connect with a wider audience. Additionally, Noise has implemented measures to strengthen its organizational growth, including augmenting its workforce, which currently comprises over 400 employees.

Furthermore, Noise has consistently earned recognition as the leading smartwatch brand in India for three consecutive years, reaffirming its position as the top player in its category. It has also achieved global success, ranking as the fourth largest seller of wearables worldwide and proudly representing the only Indian brand at this level. Despite operating in a heavily-funded ecosystem, Noise has demonstrated remarkable expertise and is successfully paving the way for a bootstrapped business to thrive