Recall Studios Launches the Ultimate Augmented Reality Hide & Seek Game

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Recall Studios, Inc. (OTC: BTOP) launches AR Hide & Seek, the Ultimate Augmented Reality Easter Egg hunt, for Apple devices.

AR Hide & Seek brings families together in an incredible way that has never been done before. The app harnesses the power of Apple’s revolutionary ARkit to hide 3D images in any environment. You can hide anything from your favorite photos of loved ones to animated 3D characters right in your home.

The app has been customized for the Easter and Passover holidays and all of the hideable characters will be free.

Hide Easter eggs around your house or in your yard and send your child on an adventure to find them. Each egg contains one of three awesome Easter Bunnies and two baby Easter Chicks.

Recall Studios

For Passover, two dancing cartoon Matzah characters are ready to play ‘Hide the Afikomen’.  Watch your children’s delight as they find them and celebrate with their family.

AR Hide & Seek is not only about the fun, it’s about family too.

“As the father of a very rambunctious toddler, AR Hide & Seek not only keeps him active and excited, but uses screen time in a meaningful way.  He doesn’t just sit on the couch watching, he interacts with his environment. Best of all it strengthens bonds with his family and friends even when they aren’t around.” – Bradley Albert, President, Recall Studios

Every day, your child can play with their friends and family no matter where they are.  AR Hide & Seek is an interactive, real world game of Hide & Seek in the palm of your child’s hand.

The app was developed in line with early learning principles, by a team that has created award winning educational apps.  It is designed to foster positive, active screen time experiences that encourage exploration and exercise.

The game has unlimited options for interactive play and family bonding, bringing your family and friends into your home from anywhere, anytime.

“We have big plans for this amazing game and the technology it is based on,” said Justin Morris, COO, Recall Studios  “Aside from releasing holiday specific characters throughout the year, the potential for integration with major brands is limitless.”

The company will be adding many more characters immediately after the holidays including Jungle Animals, Dinosaurs and many more.