Truecaller Launches Ads Manager for Small and Medium Business

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Truecaller today announced that it will be launching Truecaller Ads Manager, a self-serving platform for its ads, and soon be enabling advertisers to launch six-second videos on its platform.

Truecaller Ads Manager will open its unique ad inventory to small and medium businesses. The platform will enable small and medium sized businesses to manage their ad campaigns running on Truecaller’s ad platform proactively, enabling scale to reach a larger audience in a personalised manner.


As video consumption drives mobile usage in India, the move will allow marketers and advertisers to achieve top-of-the mind recall and increased brand awareness. The six-second video ads will further help them drive purchase intent and deliver contextually relevant messages to their audiences.

Truecaller Ads has grown as a platform with over 300 per cent the past 12-months, and has recorded 200 million impressions on its ads, in India alone. Following this growth, the move further strengthens Truecaller’s commitment towards inherently engaging their users with their partners.

truecaller new launch

Commenting on the launch, Ted Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer, Truecaller said, “We are excited to launch Truecaller Ads Manager as it will give small & medium sized businesses an easy way to utilize our unique ad platform. With this launch, we aim to fast track programmatic advertising in India.

Also, with the consumption of video content across entertainment and media soaring in India, this is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand to their consumers by leveraging video content to reach their audiences.”

Having launched many updates earlier this year, Truecaller is expanding its frontiers to add more value to the lives of its customers and partners.