Heidi Klum to launch her own lingerie brand

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Heidi Klum to launch her own lingerie brand

Model Heidi Klum is going to launch her new brand of lingerie in January 2015.

Klum has replaced Elle Macpherson as the creative director and ad campaign model for New Zealand-based company  Bendon, which is now rebranded Heidi Klum Intimates, reports dailymail.co.uk.

 heidi Klum

Klum has worked as a Victoria’s Secret model for 13 years, and she wonders how far the world of lingerie has come over  the years.

“It’s almost like with the iPhone, how they always come up with something new and there’s always a new technology. It’s  the same thing with bras too, there’s always something new…the under wire and the padding has changed, and things are  seamless,” said the mother of four.