How to do nail art ?

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nail art

Although decorating your nails is a pretty old tradition. History is a proof that it was done during previous centuries as well. This trend is centuries old in Egypt. Today this is a fashion trend. Girls decorate their nails too according to their dresses. Nail art matching your dress is a treat to the eye. You can decorate them on any basis, color, mood, weather, theme etc. You can make different excellent designs and styles and you have to pay a little attention to make sure they are consistent. Keep these points in mind while decorating your nails to keep intact for days.

1- File your nails properly if they are broken, chopped or chewed. Then apply cuticle softener. Then merge your hand in tepid water; this will improve the life of your nail art.

2- Apply a basic coat before commencing the nail art; this will prevent spots on your nails. Always use a quality brand for base, this does not allow yellowness of your nails.

3- After applying the first coat, apply the second coat of nail polish and let it dry properly.

4- After the art dries up apply a nail shiner. After this you can also apply another coat of nail paint if you wish. Keep your hands from touching for awhile.