Flat heels belly returns in the fashion world

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flat belly fashion

There is a constant change in the footwear of women and usually they come back trending again after a few years. These days the markets are flooded with flat heels bellies.

These are comfortable for your feet and cheap in price too. One can comfortably walk and carry on the daily routines in them. lifetostyle did some special research in Delhi’s Laajpat Nagar on these bellies and rooted out the following facts:

  • Cheap- The best advantage is that thee bellies are pretty cheap in price and can suite your pocket. They can be easily purchased within Rs. 500-100 except if you buy them online where they are pretty expensive starting from Rs. 1000. It’s better to purchase them from the nearest market.
  • Stylish-These are very stylish in looks and it depends on you whether you buy them in fabric or leather.
  • Multi-Purpose- These come in handy in every season. Some bellies are open up front so when you wear socks cold air doesn’t pass and in summers it initiates full passage of air in your feet. Plus, it goes with every dress.
  • Most of the bellies don’t last long. Do not purchase them on their shelf value but the style and matching them up with different dresses.