How to get rid of anemia fast?

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Anemia is a condition that develops when haemoglobin of person body is not enough. haemoglobin means main part of the red blood cells. If any person has low haemoglobin means his/her body did not get proper oxygen because haemoglobin is a kind of protein which present inside of the red blood cells and it helps in the transportation of oxygen for whole body. Here we show you haemoglobin level chart as per age bar:

How to get rid of anemia fast?

6-12 years – 11.5 to 15.5. g/dl

12-18 years – 12.0 to 16.0 g/dl

18 years – 12.1. To 16.1 g/dl

Low haemoglobin is generally defined as less than 13.5 grams for adults. Otherwise you are anemic person. Anemia is most common blood dieses. Most of girl and women are suffering from it. If you think how to get rid of it, then we here with some health tips and super food. Have a look –


Beetroot: Beetroot is very effective in fighting with anemia. Beetroot is full of iron, its helps in repairing and reactivating the red blood cells. After activating the red blood cells, supply of oxygen in all parts of body increases. Add beetroot in your meal as a salad. After 3 weeks, you can feel the change in your stamina and working capacity.

Spinach: spinach is the hub of iron. It is a leaf vegetable, rich source of minerals and vitamins. This is multipurpose vegie. It will help in improving all over health. Anemic patients should start full of spinach diet for get rid of anemia so fast. Spinach can take in any form like; Soup, salad or sabji.

How to get rid of anemia fast?

Pomegranates: everybody loves pomegranates. A pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C and Iron. If you have anemic symptoms, then you should start pomegranates ASAP. Eat one full pomegranate every day without skip or you can consume a glass of juice of it. Make sure, juice is fresh and without color.

Apple: an apple a day; keeps the doctor away is a famous proverbs which claming that apple is really very fruitful fruit for us. Apple contains 0.12 mg of iron per 100 grams. It means this is really a great source of iron which is must for anemic people. It can boost iron level in blood. Please eat an apple every day!


Soy beans: soy beans are known for protein, but it’s a full package of health nutrients which contains iron, vitamins and phytic acid. Phytic acid is must for body because it prevents the absorption of iron. Soy beans have very low fat. Use it properly in meal to gain maximum health benefits.