How to Re-Heal someone in grief ?


Coping with grief and loss is hard task in life, especially when you lost someone. losing someone is very painful. Time is best remedy for all. Healing happen gradually, it cannot be forced or hurried. Don’t force to anyone for normal life but hold his/her hand and say I AM WITH YOU. it will works. Here, we tell you about some best things to say someone in loss & grief.


Be natural: if someone you know lost a loved one, that time you should be natural. Don’t create melodrama. Impact of grief has on our mind, heart and thinking. So don’t be practical at that time. Pamper him/her. Give love and time.

Take care of his/her: people in grief need best care. just forget about everything and give him to best care.

Divert them: go and talk to him/her. Divert his/her mind. Watch some inspirational video, movie. Listen some good song. It will work.

Universal truth: you should do hard work on it. Sometimes you have to told him/her that this is universal truth & we can’t change it, we should live with it.

Aditi Pathak

Aditi Pathak, founded Lifetostyle, after writing at few other places. She love to connected with peoples of different states and country, and thus, Lifetostyle is here.

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