Survival guide for music festival

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Survival guide for music festival

The number of music festivals is just growing in the country, so it’s best to be aware of some of the rules to be followed at such fests.
Owen Roncon, director of organising body Oranjuice Entertainment, shares a list of do’s and dont’s:

Get there early and get a good spot: As thousands attend music festivals it’s best to reach the venue in advance so you can choose to be upfront and watch your favourite artists perform.

Charge your cellphone : A charged cellphone will help you stay connected with your friends in a crowded festival.

Stay hydrated : The excitement and exertion can drain you easily. Whether it’s water or a fruit, stay hydrated so you are geared to enjoy every performance to the fullest.

Don’t wear inappropriate footwear : A festival entails walking, jumping and dancing to your favourite artistes’ tunes. It is preferable not wear heels or new shoes to avoid blisters and potential swelling.

Don’t throw your garbage around: Plastic cups, paper plates, fan-made banners and merchandise are usually found scattered at the end of concerts. Keep the place just as clean as you found it. Don’t litter.

Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion: It is a good way to avoid getting tanned and protects from the harmful UV rays.