Find perfect swimwear for your body type

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perfect swimwear

Whether you’re heavy on the top or bottom, it’s vital to choose swimwear that suits your shape.

Wearing a bikini with an embellished top or a ruffled one is perfect for slim people, and for people with a short torso a high-cut bikini is ideal to turn the spotlight on your long legs.


Anuj Lalwani, stylist,, a flash website in the fashion and lifestyle space, shares tips on how to choose the perfect swimwear according to your body type:

Bottom heavy: Avoid wearing bikini boy shorts that cover a part of the thighs as this also cuts the legs off at just the wrong place. Higher cut bottoms are ideal for such body shapes. A skirted bottom, however, is the winner in this case and it lends a beautifully feminine elegance while hiding the largest part of the upper leg. You can also opt for a tankini that gives the illusion of height and proportion.

Top heavy: What you need is support. Go for bikinis with underwires or padded cups. If you want to minimise attention on the top area, opt for one or two piece swimwear whose upper portions are in darker colours, with a lighter hue at the bottom.


Middle heavy: A high-waist retro bikini is the best way to camouflage that little weight you’ve been carrying since the last holiday. Ruched swimwear helps in making your waist look slimmer. You can also draw away attention from the mid-riff region by putting on a halter or a one-shoulder top that catches the eye.

Short torso: A high-cut bikini is ideal to turn the spotlight on your long legs. A bikini or a tankini with long ruched top will also make your upper body look longer and slimmer. Alternatively, a halter top is a great way to draw attention to your neck and shoulders and lengthen the appearance of your torso.


Lanky: A bikini with an embellished top or one that sports ruffles is perfect to give an illusion of a fuller bust. Look for options that come with pads or are in the form of a push-up to give you that added edge. Heighten the feminine quotient further by opting for bottoms in bright colours and catchy prints that make you appear a tad bit more curvaceous while you lounge by the ocean.