Modi’s latest style: Suit with his own name stripes

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narendra modi_dress

A close look at Narendra Modi’s bandhgala suit that he wore for a joint appearance with US President Barack Obama here, showed it was a customised marvel — with the prime minister’s full name ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ written in pinstripes.

Modi wore the deep blue bandhgala suit Sunday evening at Hyderabad House when he stepped out for a ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ meet and a press conference with Obama. It would have passed off as a regular ensemble that the Indian leader flaunts every now and then, but zoomed images of the outfit have revealed another story altogether — his name was intricately woven into the fabric.

Fashion designers say the finesse with which Modi’s name features in the fabric requires special technique, and that the fabric is most likely hand-woven.

“It’s a very fine jacquard technique of weaving. It’s not embroidery, and its cost would be dependent on the fibre and technique,” indicating that developing such a fabric could cost anything between Rs.80,000 up to Rs.500,000.

Designer Raakesh Agarvwal says it’s “daring” on Modi’s part to wear it for an important event.

“The name was so intricately woven that it looked like pinstripes. I think it’s quite a daring choice… This personalised textile is the in thing. From (international brands) Burberry to Hermes, all are doing it,”

Another designer, Gautam Gupta is sure that the fabric is not machine made as the technique would not have given it the finesse that the material had. He also said that if the outfit was made in Italian wool, it would be “very expensive”.

This is not the first time a leader has worn an ensemble with his own name all over it. Ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak is also said to have flaunted a similar suit back in 2011.

Since taking charge as prime minister, Modi has impressed the fashion community and the common man with his sartorial choices.

Whether it is with his well-fitted bandhgala suits, his half-sleeved kurta and brightly coloured Nehru jackets or his choice of an orange shawl — Modi’s style statements have always been eye-catching — so much so that during the Obamas’ visit for the country’s 66th Republic Day celebrations, he stole the thunder from the US First Lady as far as fashion was concerned.

His pinstripe-with-his-name suit has generated a lot of buzz on social networking mediums.

Former actress Twinkle Khanna, who calls herself @mrsfunnybones on Twitter, posted: “So wht if NaMo wears a suit with his name on it? Better than carrying bags with LV LV all over (referring to fake Louis Vuitton). Well if ur name is Lucky Verma then maybe.”