Spanish fashion brand Custo Barcelona enters Indian market

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Custo Barcelona

Spanish premium fashion studio Custo Barcelona has entered the Indian market with a lifestyle exhibition “The Reverie”.

The brand announced its arrival in the country with a fashion show Friday at Radisson Blu here.

“India is a volatile and cost-efficient market,” said Custo Dalmau, founder of international design house Custo Barcelona. What are the plans to cater to Indian fashionistas?

“We will lower our pricing in sync with local spending power but definitely not the quality. About 65 per cent of India’s population is below 35 years of age. Unlike other premium brands, whose colour segments mostly offer black, blue and grey products, Custo Barcelona promises attractive and colourful patterns,” he added.

At present, Custo Barcelona has 80 exclusive outlets and close to 3,000 fashion retail associates across 40 countries. India is now the 41st country where it has a presence.  Keeping the Indian consumer’s affordability in mind, the price range of the brand will start from Rs.5,000.

The brand is expected to begin operations with three standalone stores in Delhi, Noida and Mumbai before March this year.