Warm up with easy winter fashion hacks

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Make sure you have enough layers, gloves and boots in place before you step out on a chilly winter day or night, suggests an expert.

Sukriti Dahiya, fashion communication specialist of fashion brand American Swan, has suggested tips:

Sukriti Dahiya fashion
Layering: Layering helps you keep away from the winter chill. A thermal with a funky sweatshirt teamed up with a jacket and denims with ankle-length boots will work. More layers equal more protection from the harsh winter winds.

Gloves: Take out those gloves and if you don’t have it, buy a pair. We may love the winter season, but not the way our hands get numb. Get a pair of gloves for that.

Boots: The lace-up boots are in vogue, so go for it! Wear longer walking boots during the day and heeled boots when you are off for a party. Over-the-knee boots work perfectly with a short dress, while ankle boots can be paired with cuffed jeans or a dress.

Scarves: The many ways to wear a scarf make it more than just an accessory. Moreover, many winter coats may not keep the neck or face area warm enough. This need is fulfilled by scarves in the most fashionable and comfortable way.